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Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine

Started in 1999 by founders Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, Tatty Devine is the world’s destination brand for playful, acrylic statement jewellery. Designed in East London and made in Kent, their standout jewellery is all about expressing yourself in a fun and distinctive way… ‘Be yourself, have fun and make a statement!’.

Friends for over two decades, Rosie and Harriet met when they both attended Chelsea School of Art to study Fine Art. Prior to that, Rosie grew up on the Isle of Wight and Harriet grew up in Rochester, Kent. Both were raised on a healthy diet of craft with homemade clothes being the norm.  From a young age, they felt destined to explore a creative world and attend art school. Although they studied Fine Art, both Harriet and Rosie were most attracted to the act of making because of its tactility and importance within culture.

On graduation from art school, Rosie and Harriet moved in together and neither one was interested in getting a ‘proper’ job. This is when Tatty Devine was born selling leather wrist cuffs. Harriet stumbled across some leather bags discarded outside an upmarket furniture store one night on her way home from the pub. Together Rosie and Harriet made leather wrist cuffs from the bags and sold them at Portobello and Spitalfields markets. They were selling out quickly every week and as time went on Rosie and Harriet got more experimental embellishing the cuffs with studs and crystals. After a while, they got bored of wristbands and started experimenting with found objects such as plectrums. Harriet knew lots of boys in bands and after band practice, like a musical magpie, she would pick up the discarded plectrums, punch holes in them and thread them onto chains and earrings. This is where the iconic Tatty Devine plectrum brand symbol came from.

In 2001, Rosie and Harriet learnt how to laser cut acrylic to make unique, fun statement jewellery and that’s when things really took off! Tatty Devine has steadily grown ever since. Tatty Devine was shaped by Rosie and Harriet’s frustration at the absence of exciting jewellery available. Everything felt commercialised, mass produced and poor quality, so Rosie and Harriet satisfied the public hunger by making their own bright, funky jewellery… ‘we’ve always loved to stand out and make a statement and what better way than to wear massive jewellery?!’

Nowadays, Tatty Devine are based in their studio on Brick Lane, East London and have received an MBE for their contribution to fashion. Their designs start as a conversation between Rosie and Harriet with Harriet annotating in her sketch book. The drawings are then laser cut to make fantastic jewellery. All the Tatty Devine jewellery is manufactured in Kent by a skilled team of expert makers who are passionate about Perspex and are extensively trained by Tatty Devine and sold in shops and from their website. Tatty Devine have an extensive following of lifelong fans who have been with them since the very beginning – they still love what they are doing and collecting!

In 2017, Rosie and Harriet began speaking to MAKE International’s Head of Design, Keith Brymer Jones about a possible collaborative ceramics range. Rosie and Harriet both love ceramics and have always collected interesting pieces and Keith understood the brand and was excited by its potential. Therefore, they agreed to work together combining Keith’s expert knowledge of ceramic shape and form and Tatty Devine’s brilliance in contemporary, quirky design. They chose eight of Tatty Devine’s signature designs from their Classic Collection and produced eight mugs and two vases. Each mug is crafted from porcelain, has a capacity of 350ml, features a coloured interior and gold lustre brand stamp. In keeping with the Tatty Devine jewellery and brand, the ceramics are eye-catching and eccentric with a punky twist and perfect to add statement charm to any home.

Today Rosie lives in Stoke Newington with her husband and two sons whilst Harriet lives in a mid-century block by Victoria Park, London with her daughter. Both flats are full to the brim with stuff as Rosie and Harriet love collecting things! Harriet is amazing at tracking down oversized ceramic objects and Rosie has a pretty impressive record collection, from Girl Ray to Jim O’Rourke!