White Teapot 800Ml – Tea


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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This classic design, vintage style teapot is made from super white porcelain for beautiful but practical finish. Hand-stamped with the word “tea” in the iconic retro font associated with all Keith Brymer Jones’ Word Range. At 800ml, this white ceramic teapot is the perfect size size to share a brew or two.


Few things say British more than a nice cup of tea, and with 165 million cups of tea brewed every day in the UK, you can make yours in style with this vintage inspired white teapot designed by Keith Brymer Jones. Made from super white porcelain and hand-stamped the word “tea” in a retro design font, it’s the perfect way to create your next cuppa.

The white teapot holds 800ml of refreshing tea in a dishwasher safe, super white porcelain finish.

Weight 990 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 17 cm