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Scion Bird Mug | Lintu – slate & ceramic


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Designer: Scion Living

Product Info

This mug features a striking geometric design based on the kissing love bird. Created from quality porcelain to have a capacity of 350ml, this bird mug is presented in a designer gift box.

Characteristic of the Scion Living ceramics collection, this bird mug boasts a contemporary, Scandi-inspired designs and mixes bold colours. It was created collaboratively by the Scion designers and MAKE International’s Head of Design and renowned ceramicist, Keith Brymer Jones. Taking Scion’s design brilliance and combining it with Keith expert knowledge of ceramic form and shape, this mug is aesthetically delightful and practical in the modern home by being both dishwasher and microwave safe. The lintu bird… a friendly little fellow leaning inward towards his companion… was originally a design for Scion fabric and wallpaper before it made its way onto a stylish mug. Bold enough as a stand alone mug but stunning accompanied by the other Scion Living character mugs… Mr Fox, Spike the hedgehog, Colin Crane and Barnie Owl. Unique, vibrant and reasonable priced – ‘for homes that surprise and delight, think Scion!’