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Scion Mr Fox Mug 350ml | Ceramic & Orange


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Designer: Scion Living

Product Info

Serve your tea or coffee in contemporary, Scandi-inspired style with this Mr Fox mug by Scion Living. Carefully crafted from top quality porcelain, this mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

This Mr Fox mug is one of the latest colourways to be added to the iconic Mr Fox collection by Scion Living. Produced collectively by Master Potter, Keith Brymer Jones, crafting the mug’s shape and the Scion designers designing the vibrant Mr Fox surface pattern. This Mr Fox mug features a pop of bright orange Mr Fox against a contrasting light ceramic background. It holds 350ml so perfect for your favourite tea or a milky coffee. Now available in numerous funky colourways, this mug is perfect as a gift which adds a whizz of colour into any home. Scion Living decks out your home with unbeatable style especially if you mix and match all the Scion living characters, ceramics and homeware products together… ‘for home that surprise and delight – think Scion!’