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Standard Mug 350Ml – Lion


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Designer: Jane Foster

Product Info

This standard size lion mug by Jane Foster is crafted from the finest quality porcelain and holds 350ml. It features an iconic two-colour lion head, perhaps Jane Foster’s most well-known design, on a contrasting white background.

This lion mug is not only pleasing to eye but also practical in the modern home by being both dishwasher and microwave safe. It is a collaborative design by illustrator Jane Foster producing the bold, quirky animal artwork and ceramicist Keith Brymer crafting the unique mug shape. Jane lives in an interesting minimalist house in Devon and works in a purpose-built studio in her garden. She takes her inspiration from 70s and Scandinavian design and produces bright artwork that appeals to adults and children alike. This lion mug features Jane’s distinctive lion head design compromising of thick black lines and a bright yellow colour – a seemingly simple design yet incredibly eye-catching on a contrasting white background. Vibrant enough as a standalone mug although stunning in amongst the other iconic Jane Foster animal head mugs and their mini cousins too!