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Brexshit Mug – Pre-order now!


Availability: Available on backorder
Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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We’ve sold-out! But you can pre-order your Brexshit Mug to get the best possible deal.

The Keith Brymer Jones Brexshit mug has proved so popular that we’ve completely run-out – that was a result that surprised everyone – BUT we do have more on the way! Pre-order yours now to guarantee at least one thing about Brexit that won’t disappoint you.

Just like people’s reasons for wanting to leave the EU, no two of these Brexit Mugs are the exactly same. Every mug is hand-finished with the word “Brexshit” stamped into the wet clay and then hand-coloured. Dishwasher & microwave safe, to avoid crashing-out without a cuppa.

Next delivery arriving in June


Pre-order the Brexshit Mug now, to secure your own deal on the coolest Brexit mug available.

“Brexshit!” bucket mug by Keith Brymer Jones. For those of you who think that we deserve better! Made from super white porcelain and designed by master ceramicist Keith Brymer Jones. Both dishwasher and microwave safe and made from hard-wearing white ceramic.

Next delivery arriving in June