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White ceramic salad bowl – onion tomato lettuce apple chive garlic cucumber pepper


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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This white salad bowl is designed by British designer Keith Brymer Jones, known for bringing a quirky, vintage edge to contemporary style.

Hand-embossed into the wet porcelain are the names of popular salad ingredients: onion, tomato, lettuce, apple, chive, garlic, cucumber & pepper in his iconic retro typewriter font.

The white salad bowl is dishwasher safe & microwave safe and comes in a quirky gift box to make a stylish gift for the fan of modern, funky design.

The Keith Brymer Jones white ceramic salad bowl is a contemporary take on vintage style ceramics with all the practicality you would expect from the quirky designer. This white salad bowl is hand-embossed with the classic salad ingredient names, pressed into the wet porcelain in the retro typewriter font synonymous with Keith Brymer Jones Word Range.

Once the colour has been individually applied to the words, the porcelain is glazed and fired at incredibly high temperatures. Keith’s unique process ensures a hard-wearing, super-white finish to the salad bowl that retains the translucent qualities that fine porcelain is known for.

The Keith Brymer Jones white salad bowl is 23.7 cm diameter at the top and 12.4 cm tall and holds 3000ml. Underneath its contemporary vintage style is a hard-wearing porcelain that is both dishwasher safe & microwave safe.

Perfect for the contemporary home, the hand-stamped words are individually coloured. The word ‘lettuce’ is inlaid in green, ‘tomato’ in red, ‘chive’ in brown, ‘cucumber’ in green, ‘apple’ in red, ‘onion’ in orange, ‘pepper’ in red and ‘garlic’ in blue, all in retro typewriter font.

Presented in a designer gift box, the white salad bowl makes the perfect quirky gift for the fan of unusual homeware. It works beautifully as a unique piece in any home, or combined with other ceramics from the Word Range of contemporary designer tableware by Keith Brymer Jones. Take a look at the white fruit bowl or the huge white platter.

Weight 1750 g
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 14 cm

onion tomato lettuce apple chive garlic cucumber pepper




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