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Cobalt Blue National Trust Mug


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Designer: National Trust

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Cobalt Blue National Trust Mug is part of the Keith Brymer Jones National Trust Collection. A colourful range of six mugs, partially-glazed in clean & understated hues. Keith created the colours to reflect the dramatic coastlines, wide open landscapes, historic architecture and treasure trove of arts & antiques that he discovered while visiting National Trust locations.

The mugs in the Keith Brymer Jones National Trust Collection are individually hand-finished with the maker’s marker pressed into the exposed porcelain base alongside the instantly-recognisable leaf motif of National Trust.

The Cobalt Blue National Trust Mug is part of the Keith Brymer Jones National Trust Collection. There are six clean & understated colours in the range, partially-glazed with an exposed porcelain base. Each hue is inspired by different aspects of the National Trust and English countryside.

Cobalt Blue
The intense hue of cobalt blue has featured in eighth-century Chinese blue & white pottery and, by the 1800s, it was the pigment of choice for Turner, Renoir, Monet & Van Gogh when capturing the sky. The rich heritage of cobalt blue inspired Keith’s choice of this vivid and graphic hue for his National Trust Collection.

Keith designed a shape that sits cosily in the hand, providing a comforting, homely experience when in use. His technical skills as a master ceramicist also ensure that the traditional feel of these mugs comes without the need to compromise on practicality, as his modern technique and choice of materials create a porcelain finish that is hard-wearing, dishwasher safe & microwave safe.

Weight: 290g
Dimensions: H7.2 x W10 x L13.3
Volume: 330ml
Material: Porcelain
Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe