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Celadon Green National Trust Mug


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Designer: National Trust

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Hand-finished with the symbol of National Trust pressed into each mug’s base alongside Keith’s maker’s mark, the Celadon Green colour of the traditional, wash glazed upper has a translucent quality that juxtaposes with the matt, uncoated finish of the exposed ceramic base. This combination of textures on the National Trust mugs echoes the opulent luxury of the UK’s historic castles & mansions and the raw beauty of our coastlines.

Like the places in their care, the official National Trust mug range is intended to be used and enjoyed by current & future generations, so every mug is dishwasher & microwave safe.

National Trust Mug in Celadon Green, part of The Keith Brymer Jones National Trust Collection.

Celadon Green
Keith’s celadon green is a shade of jade inspired by the celadon wares that can be found amongst the National Trust’s historic arts & antiques collections. For centuries, celadon wares’ distinctive glaze was highly valued by the Chinese Imperial court for its translucent qualities. The master ceramicist developed an updated glaze for the National Trust Collection to be dishwasher & microwave safe.

National Trust look after Britain’s most significant places of beauty & heritage sites, along with a million works of art, throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The beautifully-crafted Keith Brymer Jones National Trust collection features six mugs in clean & understated hues. The design of the Keith Brymer Jones National Trust Collection was inspired by the rich and contrasting locations in the care of the National Trust, from the many stunning historic buildings & well-tended gardens to the raw natural beauty of our majestic coastlines and countryside.

With Keith’s signature subtlety and style, he managed to mirror those extremes by juxtaposing a traditional Celadon Green wash glaze with a raw exposed ceramic base. Every Keith Brymer Jones National Trust mug is hand-finished, with the National Trust symbol pressed into the base alongside Keith’s maker’s mark.

Weight: 290g
Dimensions: H7.2 x W10 x L13.3
Volume: 330ml
Material: Porcelain
Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe