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Medium White Bowl – Amour


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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J’adore l’amour!

You’ll love the elegant simplicity of this Keith Brymer Jones “amour” porcelain bowl. As cool bowls go, this is deep freeze. The French word for love – amour – is embossed on the side in Keith’s retro typewriter font. You’ve got the cool personality of Serge Gainsbourg and the sexy elegance of Brigitte Bardot in one funky bowl. What more could you want?

From the Keith Brymer Jones’ Word Range of vintage-inspired, cool tableware, comes this super white porcelain bowl with the word “amour” stamped and painted by hand.

The cool retro typewriter font is a clue to the sense of humour that the master ceramicist puts into his contemporary ceramics. Sexy, passionate and elegant, these unique designs from the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range are not just fun but practical too.

The Word Range of porcelain bowls add a touch of retro-style to the urban home. Every white ceramic bowl is fired at incredibly high temperature to create a hard-wearing, super white finish. These unique bowls are microwave safe & dishwasher safe.

At 500Ml the “amour” bowl is a versatile, medium size that is perfect for everyday uses like soup, cereal or desserts.







Medium Bowl