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Large Dinner Plate – Homemade!


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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Designed by Keith Brymer Jones with the word “homemade!” skilfully pressed into the porcelain by hand. These large white dinner plates typify the master ceramicist’s with their unique contemporary take on vintage style.

The word “homemade!” has been pressed into the wet porcelain by a skilful hand in Keith Brymer Jones’ funky retro font. The words on these modern designer plates are then individually hand-painted before being glazed & fired to a hard-wearing, translucent finish. Dishwasher & microwave safe, the “homemade!” large dinner plates are made from exceptionally fine quality porcelain.

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Create your own plate sets to suit your lifestyle with Keith Brymer Jones designer dinner plates. The large white dinner plates in the Word Range are perfectly crafted. Words are individually embossed by hand into the porcelain plates. Once hand-stamped, the words are hand painted, the porcelain plates are glazed and fired at higher than usual temperatures. The unusual process used by the master ceramicist create a hard-wearing, super white finish that is dishwasher safe and microwave safe while retaining the translucent quality of the natural porcelain.

The words on all Keith Brymer Jones white ceramic plates are gently pressed into the wet porcelain in his funky, retro typewriter font. The skill involved creates subtle variations and makes every dinner plate unique. The retro font adds a hint of vintage to these modern plates.

Individually stylish on their own, or combine them into plate sets or sets of designer dinnerware by mixing them with other items from the Word Range. Keith Brymer Jones designer dinnerware includes large ceramic plates, small side plates, mugs & cups as well as a wide range of stylish & modern tableware.

All the white ceramic plates in Keith’s range are made from super white, fine porcelain and dishwasher & microwave safe for practical style that contemporary living demands.







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