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Large Bucket Mug 500Ml – Overpaid/Underworked


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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This large white ceramic mug is by the designer Keith Brymer Jones and part of his Word Range of designer mugs & cups. The unique Bucket Mug shape & super white porcelain body adds a hint of vintage style to its modern design. Its 500Ml capacity is perfect for those who like a substantial cup of tea or coffee. Hand-embossed with the words ‘overpaid/underworked’, we all know someone for whom this will be the perfect gift. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

500Ml large Bucket Mug from the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range. This fine porcelain designer mug features the same high quality hand-finishing & carefully embossed words that are the signature of all Keith’s designer homeware. The distinctive shape of the bucket and funky retro typeface give this contemporary mug a hint of vintage style. Hand-embossed with the words ‘overpaid/underworked’.

The ‘overpaid/underworked’ mug has been thoughtfully crafted. A super white porcelain mug that is dishwasher safe & microwave safe for stylish practicality in the modern home.






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