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FFS – 500ml Large Bucket Mug


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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You're having one of those days and all you want to do is shout “FOR F*CK'S SAKE!” but you can't. Why don’t you express yourself in a different way by using this “FFS” mug. It only holds 500ml of frustration so don’t let it spill over!

This pure white mug has a capacity of 500ml. The mug, hand embossed with the letters “FFS”, in green has been added to the ever growing Word Range by Keith Brymer Jones. Master ceramicist and Head of Design at MAKE International, Keith Brymer Jones has been producing his Word Range for over three decades. After falling in love with clay and pottery as a young boy, he developed both his technique, knowledge and creativity over many years starting as a clay boy at Harefield Pottery. Producing bespoke homeware for many high street retailers in the past, he now works out of his studio near the Kent coastline designing items for the Word Range as well as collaborating with a variety of unique contemporary designers. Fired to a very high temperature, the mugs are strong but lightweight and can used in both a dishwasher and a microwave.