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Glass Tumbler – Hamster


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Designer: Jane Foster

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Jane Foster has created another memorable character and we are delighted to show it off on our 250ml glass tumbler. Have you seen a cuter hamster wearing red checkered trousers? No, I didn’t think so. Why not brighten up your cupboard with all four of the animal glasses. Made in Italy.

Once again Jane Foster has brought joy to our lives with a unmistakably adorable character, the hamster. Jane is based in Devon, England and has been an illustrator for many years. You may recognise a lot of her characters from her internationally successful books. Keith Brymer Jones began collaborating with Jane from 2011 and have designed over 100 products together. Why not expand your Jane Foster collection with a glass tumbler. If you don’t already have Jane Foster products, why not? Start now! Made in Italy. Dishwasher safe. Capacity 250ml.