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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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Garlic should be stored in a dry, dark place at room temprature to prevent it sprouting and going bitter. Light and moisture will cause mold to grow so the Keith Brymer Jones white ceramic garlic pot is perfect way to keep your garlic in the best condition for weeks. The Keith Brymer Jones garlic pot has holes in super white porcelain body to allow the air circulation that garlic needs to store correctly.

Pop a whole bulb or two of fresh garlic into the white ceramic pot, put it in your cupboard or larder and it could store up to 2 months.

The word “garlic” is hand embossed into the porcelain using Keith’s distinctive retro font so you’ll always know where to find yours.

For best results, leave the entire head (or bulb) of the garlic whole. Once the bulb has been broken apart, it will ony keep for about 3 days to a week before it starts to sprout and change taste. With this funky ceramic garlic pot, you can quickly see which ones have been opened and use them up first before breaking open a new head.

The “garlic” ceramic garlic pot is part of Keith Brymer Jones’ Word Range of funky designer ceramics. The perfect way to store garlic at home. Garlic can quickly sprout and go bitter if stored incorrectly.  Vented to allow air circulation, this designer garlic pot is a functional & stylish way to store your garlic and keep it fresher for longer.

To prevent your garlic sprouting or going bitter, don’t keep it in the fridge. Garlic should be kept at room temprature in a dry, dark place. The Keith Brymer Jones garlic pot has holes in super white porcelain body to allow the air circulation, preventing moisture that can ruin your garlic’s taste. This white ceramic garlic pot is the perfect way to store garlic and keep it fresh for weeks.

Keith Bryer Jones’ quirky kitchen accessories are made from super white porcelain and fired at incredibly high temperatures to create a finish that is dishwasher & microwave safe. Hard-wearing & practical with bundles of vintage style, these modern kitchen accessories living demands.

His Word Range features a wide variety of essential funky home accessories. Keith’s quirky design style comes across in all his white ceramic kitchenware & modern home accessories.

It was the designer’s dyslexia that gave him the idea for the Word Range. His craftsmanship as a master ceramicist can be seen across his range of designer kitchen accessories. Every one of Keith’s modern kitchen accessories features a word or phrase that is skilfully pressed into the soft porcelain and painted by hand before glazing & firing.


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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 15 cm





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