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Espresso Cups – Set of 4 – espresso


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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Have you got guests coming over or you’ve just finished serving desert at your fabulous dinner party? Serve your coffees in these multi coloured espresso sets.

This pure white espresso set has a capacity of 100ml each. The cups, hand embossed with the word “espresso”, in red, blue, green and orange has been added to the ever growing Word Range by Keith Brymer Jones. Keith Brymer Jones has been refining and expanding his Word Range for decades. The collection of super white porcelain ceramics feature colourful, hand stamped words in retro typewriter font. The first word that Keith stamped on a bucket mug was “Love” as he thinks it is the most important word in the world. However, his favourite is “hot” as he adores its visual symmetry. Keith’s philosophy of “to create simple yet stylish products which are pleasing to the eye, practical in the modern home and make people happy!” shines through his range. These cups are hard wearing, lightweight and dishwasher / microwave safe for everyday use.