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White espresso cup “hot”


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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This designer white espresso cup is hand embossed with the word “hot”. Get your caffiene kick in style with this classic quirky cup.

Elegant & cool,  this verstaile porcelain demitasse is hard wearing, dishwasher & microwave safe because you’d expect nothing less from the master ceramcist, Keith Brymer Jones.

The classic white porcelain espresso cup with the word “hot” hand stamped & painted into the ceramic.

Keith Brymer Jones’ white porcelain espresso cups, also known as demitasse cups, were selected by the Evening Standard for their 10 of the best espresso cups alongside other leading homeware designers including Tom Dixon, Wedgewood & Le Creuset during the London Coffee Festival.

These designer espresso cups are made from super white porcelain with the words embossed & painted by hand in Keith’s distinctive retro typewriter font. Dishwasher safe & microwave safe, the white porcelain espresso cups in Keith’s Word Range are available with a variety of different words on them so you’re bound to find something that suits your indivudual style. Some demitasse in the Word Range are also available as pairs & sets of four to make a stylish & unusual gift.

The smallest of the four sizes of mugs & cups in the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range, these white espresso cups hold 70ml making them the perfect size for a single or double shot (doppio).

But there’s so much more to the classic espresso cup.

Traditionally an Italian espresso is served in plain white porcelain espresso cups because the white porcelain beautifully reflects the dark brown color of the espresso.

Although espresso is Italian, espresso cups are rarely referred to by their Italian name, “la tazzina”, outside of Italy. Around the world, the correct name for this style of small cup is a demitasse, because it’s not just for espresso.

What is a demitasse? The name demitasse originated in France and literally translates as half cup. It is half the size of French style coffee cup and typically holds between 60-90 ml (2-3 fluid ounces).

The Keith Brymer Jones white porcelain demitasse is an incredibly versatile cup to have in the modern home. The most familiar use may be as an espresso cup, but a demitasse is also ideal for turkish coffee, macchiato, ristretto, piccolo latte, and the rich, thick, italian drinking chocolate known as florentine. You can even serve a rich mousse in these classic white porcelain demitasse, for a quirky touch of style.


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