Ceramic dog bowl “Woof Woof”


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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Made from super white porcelain and fired to hard-wearing finish, the protective glaze on this designer dog bowl makes it easy to keep clean and dishwasher safe.

This white ceramic dog bowl is a stylish addition to your home. The Words “Woof Woof” are embossed by hand in the distinctve funky retro font assciated with Keith Brymer Jones’ Word Range of designer homeware.

A ceramic dog bowl is widely considered to be the most practical, safe way to express your dog-loving style. Plastic dog bowls can be fun but get scratched easily and harbour bacteria and metal dogs bowls are practical but too industrial for the style of some homes.


The Keith Brymer Jones designer white ceramic dog bowls are made from fine quality porcelain and hand-embossed with the words “woof woof” for unique and quirky hint of retro.

Every white ceramic dog bowl in the Word Range bares the unique individuality that comes from being hand-embossed and coloured by hand. In this case the words “woof woof” has been pressed into the wet porcelain of the designer dog bowl. Fired much hotter than bone china, the super white porcelain becomes incredibly hard wearing. This makes the ceramic dog bowl a stylishly practical alternative to cheap plastic or stark industrial metal dog bowls.

The Keith Brymer Jones white ceramic dog bowl is safe for your dog because it is scratch resistant and you can pop in the dishwasher for a deep clean.

The cool retro typewriter font is a clue to the sense of humour that the master ceramicist puts into the modern design of all his ceramics. Inspired by vintage, contemporary in quality these unique dog bowls are microwave safe & dishwasher safe. The Word Range of porcelain bowls bring practical style to the urban home.

Weight 940 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 6 cm

woof woof