Ceramic Drawer Knob – Knob


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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With the word  “knob” hand embossed into them, these vintage ceramic drawer knobs are for those with a cheeky sense of humour. The words are stamped hand into the porcelain using Keith’s distinctive typewriter font to bring a modern retro feel to your drawers & cupboards,

There’s range of other words available to add a funky, vintage touch to your furniture or upcycling project.

These vintage style, white ceramic cupboard knobs are the creation of designer Keith Brymer Jones. A classic round shape is similar to the classic ceramic drawer knobs traditionally seen on Victorian dressers.

Classically proportioned but with a modern edge, the Keith Brymer Jones porcelain drawer knobs are perfect to revitalise a set of drawers or inject a touch of fun to your cupboards in the bedroom, as well as kitchens and hallway dressers.

Made from super white porcelain, the master ceramicist created these white ceramic drawer knobs to be strong & versatile enough to be used as kitchen cabinet knob, on cupboards, drawer knob.

These retro porcelain drawer knob fit with a threaded bolt that passes through from the back of the door or drawer so with a captive nut inside the ceramic handle so that it is held firmly in place.

You can cut the bolt down to size with a junior hacksaw if needed.

Screw (thread): length 4cm, width 0.5cm
diameter 5.1cm
depth 2.8cm






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