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fuck cancer mug – 350ml Bespoke Bucket Mug


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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A Bespoke Bucket Mug, the Fuck Cancer mug from Keith Brymer Jones is one the rude word mugs he occasionally slips into his Word Range.

The fuck cancer mug by Keith Brymer Jones.

Keith Brymer Jones is a judge on BBC’s The Great Pottery Throw Down and a master ceramicist who has been creating designer tableware & homeware for over 30 years. Known in the interior design world for his Word Range of white ceramic tableware & kitchenware. Every peice of designer homeware in his Word Range has a word or phrase embossed into its wet procelain by hand & hand-coloured before firing. The hand-finishing makes every item unique – no two are exactly the same.

From his Whitstable studio, Keith designs every piece of pottery in his popular Word Range himself. His quirky Word Range features mugs, bowls, plates, and a wide range of designer ceramic kitchenware. Incredible attention to detail and practicality underpins the quirky charm and personality of Keith’s cermamics.

As head of design at MAKE International, Keith also lends his expertise to other homeware designers. He colloaborates with Scion Living, Jane Foster, Bert & Buoy, Sukie and other homeware designers on every item that MAKE International produce.


fuck cancer




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