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Ship Ahoy | Nautical Mug


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Designer: Bert & Buoy

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Complete with nautical stripes, this porcelain mug features Bert & Buoy’s classic thick black lines with an eye-catching splash of sea blue. It has a capacity of 350ml.

Inspired by designer, Bert Fowler, watching the boats go by on the South Devon coast, this mug uses a simple boat outline as a striking design concept. Complete with stripes as waves, this is one of the eight brand new Bert & Buoy ceramics. Created collaboratively by Bert and renowned ceramicist, Keith Brymer Jones, these mugs are crafted from a unique, light grey stained porcelain that mimics a beach pebble. This nautical mug boasts some quirky features like a decorative brand stamp, exposed glaze line and stylish unglazed base. Inspired by a life lived and loved on the coast, each illustration was originally sketched by Bert Fowler in his South Devon studio before being transferred onto a uniquely shaped and designed mug by master potter, Keith Brymer Jones. Both microwave and dishwasher safe, the Bert & Buoy range is a fresh, new take on nautical that is luxury but practical in the modern home and perfect for everyday use.

Weight 320 g