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White Bucket Mug “merci” 350ml


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Designer: Keith Brymer Jones

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This white ceramic mug is by the designer Keith Brymer Jones and part of his Word Range of designer mugs & cups. The unique Bucket Mug shape & super white porcelain body add a hint of vintage style to its modern design. Its 350Ml capacity is perfect for a cup of coffee. This quirky mug has been hand-stamped with the french word ‘merci’ using Keith’s funky retro font. Every mug is stamped & painted by hand, making each one a unique item. Dishwasher & microwave safe, it makes a personal & unusual gift.

For when ‘thank you’ isn’t enough there’s this elegant white ceramic mug from the Word Range by Keith Brymer Jones. The French word “merci” has been stamped by hand into the white porcelain in a retro typewriter font, which adds a hint of vintage style to the modern design. The 350Ml capacity is just right for a cup of tea or coffee.

Porcelain has a natural translucent quality. The traditional design and manufacturing process of porcelain cups made them thin and fairly fragile, but Keith Brymer Jones found a way to make them much more hard-wearing while retaining the aesthetic qualities of the material. Part of his unique technical process includes firing the porcelain mugs at a higher temperature to create a sturdy but lightweight ceramic mug that is tough enough to go through the dishwasher or microwave in everyday use.

The unusual shape of the Bucket Mug is one of its most recognisable features and was inspired by an old bucket in Keith’s Whitstable pottery studio. The elegant taper is pleasing to the eye but a closer look reveals that it finishes with an unusually thin lip for a mug. This is a reference to the fine porcelain cups of ancient China and it allows the tea or coffee to glide more gently and naturally onto the tongue. Keith’s attention to detail in the design of the Bucket Mug allows for a more relaxed, sit and sip style of tea or coffee drinking.

The technical achievement creates a fine porcelain mug that sits comfortably in the hand and is a pleasure to drink from, but what makes these designer mugs so unique are the words that are gently hand-pressed into the wet porcelain. Keith Brymer Jones calls this retro style his Word Range.

Full of technical skill, practicality and personality, the Keith Brymer Jones Bucket Mugs are deeply satisfying to own and make a wonderful, truly unusual gift.






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