Owl Mug


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Designer: Sukie

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Based on a friendly owl, Owlberta, this ceramic mug features a quirky exposed glaze line and brand stamp, holds 330ml and maintains the earthy, natural aesthetic distinctive of the Sukie brand.

One of the eight new Animal Folk ceramics, this owl mug was created collaboratively by Sukie illustrators, Darrel and Julia, and renowned ceramicist, Keith Brymer Jones. Combining Sukie’s ‘rescued paper notebooks’ aesthetic and Keith’s expert knowledge in ceramic shape and form, these mugs are the very first of their kind. Inspired by Owlberta, a colourful owl who’s the forest know-it-all, this owl is charming enough as a solo piece but looks great in amongst the other curious Sukie creatures. With his eyes wide awake on one side and sleeping on the other, the stoneware body of this mug is high in iron so when glazed it creates a warm, organic feel characteristic of Sukie. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this owl mug is presented in a designer gift so makes an ideal gift for anyone…even yourself!

Weight 430 g