Dog Mug


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Designer: Sukie

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Finn the fluffy, friendly labradoodle is based on the Sukie illustrator’s actual dog. A loyal friend sitting on a stoneware body, this dog mug has a capacity of 330ml and features a brand stamp and exposed glaze line.

In keeping with the warm, organic aesthetic characteristic of the Sukie brand and their ‘rescued paper notebooks’, this dog mug is one of eight new Sukie ceramics in the Animal Folk range. This dog mug was designed by a unique collaboration; Sukie illustrators, Darrell and Julia, for the surface pattern and renowned ceramicist, Keith Brymer Jones, for the uniquely shaped and designed mug. This dog mug was inspired by the actual Sukie dog, Finn the labradoodle who loves long walks on the beach and sleeping by the fire in the Sukie studio. With his eyes open on one side and them closed on the reverse, both of Finn’s favourite activities are represented. Bright enough as a standalone piece but beautifully complimented with the other friendly forest characters in the Animal Folk range. With a naturally earthy feel from its clay colour and texture, this dog mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe and presented in a designer gift box.

Weight 430 g