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Jen Taylor, who is the designer behind the stackable Hokolo range, is a mum of two boys. We managed to grab her from her busy life juggling motherhood and designing to ask a few interesting questions. Here’s what Jen’s got to say….

Tell us a little bit about your children? Name, gender, age?

Dylan 8 yr old boy

Teddy 5 months old boy

Tell me something about each of your boys. What is unique about each one of them?

It’s still early days with Teddy but we are already seeing similarities and differences between the brothers. They look very much alike at the same age, like a pair of twins but 8 years apart! Dylan is a quiet boy, often contented being on his own, pretty easy going and he doesn’t like us to show too much affection. It’s embarrassing he said… Whereas Teddy seems more strong will and he loves to smile. We are giving him all the kisses and cuddles at the moment before he tells us to stop one day like his brother!

What has given you the most joy as a mother? And do you find anything challenging?

Seeing them grow and be happy, healthy and kind, it’s really that simple. I do love watching them eat when they really enjoy their food, particularly if I have cooked them!

Challenges? Where do I start! With Teddy the lack of sleep at the moment, as my brain turns into mush when I am tired! Even getting out of the house on time is no mean feat…

With Dylan he is at an age when he is very curious and receptive of new things and ideas. Trying to keep him entertained can be tiring as he is full of energy and will play sports non stop if given the chance. Sometimes it’s so tempting to just hand him a smart phone or switch on the TV, which we do sometimes of course, but I try hard to make sure we spend quality time together as a family. The kids grow up so fast so we do treasure every moment we spend together. It’s not easy juggling life but it’s more manageable now I work from home.

What do you miss the most about being a kid yourself?

School holidays! Not now, I loathe them…

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