What does Keith Brymer Jones have to say about his new Tatty Devine collaboration?

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Hopefully you’ve noticed our brand new Tatty Devine ceramics by now? Freshly available, unique and fun, the Tatty Devine ceramics have been turning heads left, right and centre! Designed together by the Tatty Devine co-founders and MAKE International’s Master Potter Keith Brymer Jones, here is what Keith has to say about his latest collaboration…


Where and how did you meet Harriet and Rosie?

Like many brands I am drawn to, I first noticed Tatty Devine at a trade show. Once I had clocked their statement designs, it was then about getting to know the people/creative engines behind the brand, in this case Rosie and Harriet.



How did you know that they were the ones to work with to develop a new ceramics range?

It is simple really… I liked them (which is the main premise for working with anyone)! Not just as people but their ethos on how they design and project themselves forward in the market. I could obviously see tremendous potential in new product areas such as ceramic for their brand. Also, when I was relaying the possibility of collaborating with Rosie and Harriet to my partner, she was very impressed as Tatty Devine is a very sort after brand who are at the cutting edge in their particular field.


What’s the best thing about working with Rosie and Harriet?

They are open to anything… nothing is off limits for discussion! Also, they are realistic – Rosie and Harriet both come from a production background like me so they realise that there are certain parameters with particular materials you work with.


How did you come up with the mug shape? Did it take a long time?

Well at first it did, I have to be honest. However, the more that I spoke to Harriet and Rosie, the more I understood the brand. I wanted to convey something quintessentially English but set in a contemporary way – hence the fluting on one type of mug and the shape itself is a nod to an old style classic tea cup shape.



Why did you decide on the dashed effect pattern for some of the mugs?

The dashed effect is one of Tatty Devine’s signature surface prints and I really wanted to incorporate that pattern into the design of the mug if at all possible.


Why did you decide on a coloured interior?

The coloured interior gives the mugs a vintage feel with a contemporary twist which is what we were aiming for with the Tatty Devine mugs. Also, Tatty Devine are all about colour so I wanted to achieve big contrasting colour variants within the range of ceramics.


How are the Tatty Devine mugs different to the Word Range mugs?

Ha… well the Tatty Devine mugs don’t have words on for a start! Some Tatty Devine mugs are fluted, which I did by hand in my studio for the prototype, unlike the smooth and curvedness of the Word Range. The process of getting to the end result is quite different and I have used gold lustre for the first time within a range 😊



Tell us about the Tatty Devine stamp on the bottom? Is it real gold?

Yes, there is a certain percentage of real gold in it. Lustres create an incredible effect on ceramic if used in the right way. It is metal based so you could actually polish it as you would a piece of gold or silver from your Grandma’s cutlery cabinet!


What makes the Tatty Devine mugs special?

There are so many elements within the mug design that make the Tatty Devine mug so special, not just in terms of aesthetic but also in the production process. It was not easy to produce and there is a lot of work that went into making it. The end result, I believe, is not only stunning but also makes a very special mug – probably even makes tea taste better too 😉


If you’ve got any questions for Keith Brymer Jones about the new Tatty Devine ceramics range then let us know 😊

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