Unusual Gifts for your Valentine

No Comments | January 29,2019 | by MAKE International

You may not be the conventional type but you and your better half may still enjoy the annual romantic holiday. So, celebrate it in a way that is particular to you and your partners style. We’ve gathered a few weird and wonderful gift ideas for you to get your loved one on this special occasion.

You can never go wrong with a pair of pants or socks, can you? But you sure can make it wrong by adding your face to them. Personalised socks for your partner are bound to give them a good giggle. Be the ultimate #couplegoals and put both of your faces on them.

Perhaps your Mr. or Mrs. likes to have a drink. Show them that you support their bad habits by getting them a hidden flask. These novelty presents are becoming ever more popular and although they are a good gag gift, they do also come in handy.


Conversely, they may not be so discreet with their drinking hobby, therefore this wine glass-bottle will be the perfect gift to assist their pastime. Nothing says romance like a bottle of red. Some would say greedy… we think it’s ingenious!

You may not be as flexible as you used to be but this would be a great way to spend an evening just you and them. Bring a little competition into Valentine’s day; whoever loses has to wash up the lovely dinner you just shared. Regress back to your childhood and share an evening of laughs and potential bruising!

Not only are mugs useful but they can express who you are so help your partner channel their personality or their inner thoughts through Keith’s word range mugs. The majority of us use mugs everyday so we are sure these would be a fabulous gift.

If none of that strikes your fancy and you can’t see the right thing for your guy/gal then have a scroll through our gifts section. We have sections dedicated to her, him and couples.