Top tips for a healthy January

No Comments | January 02,2018 | by Site Administrator

Now January isn’t usually the most thrilling month…the festive cheer is fading, your jeans are probably feeling a little tighter than before Christmas and it’s dark and cold outside. Your life-changing new year’s resolutions may be turning out to be somewhat too ambitious but January can still be a happy and healthy month. We had a little wonder around the MAKE International office to see what people thought is a good tip for keeping positive and enjoying January… remember this weather is a great excuse for cosying up on the sofa and watching that box set you’ve had your eye on.


Sleep more

It is perfectly natural to sleep longer in the winter and with experts recommending between 7 and 9 hours sleep, make the most! These cold, dark nights are perfect for getting long, deep sleeps and a well-rested body is proven to be more resilient to illness. Who needs an excuse to sleep more? Vera, Keith’s pottery cat, certainly doesn’t…


Exercise…or just get moving

Do something a little more active! You don’t need to commit yourself to a killer workout in the gym that’ll stop you moving for days afterwards however even a little exercise will get the blood pumping and you feeling happier. Try getting off the bus a few stops earlier and walking those extra 20 minutes or why not choose the café that’s a little further away for lunch? Anything, just get the endorphins flowing and January won’t seem as bad. It’ll all help to wave those extra Christmas calories goodbye.


Drink more water

You might not be ready to really take the plunge and do dry January however it’s always beneficial to drink more water. Staying hydrated with 8-10 glasses of water each day will have you feeling tip top.


Try new activities

It’s nice to cosy up inside some nights however don’t use the cold, dark nights as an excuse all the time! Get out there, push yourself a little and try something new – do what you’ve been thinking about for a while…go swimming, go to an exhibition or start pottery… whatever you want. It’s the perfect time of year and you’ll feel proud and thank yourself in the long run. You could always take a friend along, strength in numbers and all that 😊


Eat more fruit and vegetables

It’s no secret that people tend to overeat and drink during the Christmas period and sometimes it’s hard to stop when it gets to January… after all, who doesn’t like a little chocolate here and glass of wine or two there? However, you’re going to feel so much better if you swap those indulgent treats for fruit and vegetables. Winter vegetables are delicious and nice a filling – a hearty carrot soup anyone? You’ll definitely feel healthier and there’s plenty of goodness in fruit and vegetable to help you fight those winter bugs too.


We hope you can use some of our tips and enjoy a happy and healthy January 😊 Let us know if there’s anything you think we should add that we’ve missed out that works perfectly for you!