How did the Sukie collaboration come about?

No Comments | December 07,2017 | by Site Administrator

So the Sukie mugs are coming very very soon and we’ve already told you a lot about Sukie as a brand (blog here) and the Sukie designers, Darrell and Julia, as people (blog here)… Now we’re wondering how the collaboration between MAKE International’s Head of Design, Keith Brymer Jones, and Sukie came about? Let’s find out…


Where and how did you meet Keith?

At a trade show in London 16 years ago! His stand was opposite ours and we hit it off straight away.


Why did you decide to work together?

We had been talking about collaborating for ages, it was just a matter of making it happen!



How did you know that he was the one to work with to develop a ceramics range?

It was just natural collaboration. We didn’t want to just have our designs on a standard mug and we knew that Keith would understand our aesthetic and come up with a something that would a perfect fit for Sukie.


What’s the best thing about working with Keith?

He totally gets Sukie and is so passionate about creating the perfect product.


What’s the worst thing about working with Keith?

You never quite know what he’s going say in public!


If you have any questions for Darrell and Julia then let us know 🙂