Jane Foster on being a mum!

No Comments | February 23,2018 | by Site Administrator

So it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 11th March and we can’t wait! We hope that you’ve got your best-present-yet ready however it’s not too late if not… you can see our gift ideas here. One of our designers, Jane Foster, is a fabulous mother to her 10 year old daughter Polly and here’s what she’s got to say about being a mum…




How is Polly similar to you? How is she different?

She’s like me in that she loves drawing, loves wearing stripes and loves chocolate pancakes. She’s not like me because she’d love a pet rat, can do the splits and likes swimming under water!


What has Polly said recently that has amused you?

We live in a quirky 60s house with a funny shaped slanted roof – she recently asked ‘Mummy, why is it that your friend lives in a chocolate box house and we live in a cheese wedge house?”


How does it feel to watch your daughter grow up?

It’s incredible as I couldn’t have imagined the sheer utter joy that being a mum brings to each day. Children live in the moment, are so spontaneous, funny and on the whole, very kind.


What is the toughest thing about being a mum?

Trying to avoid saying “be careful” all the time as taking risks is often a good thing and is how we learn. The most rewarding? Seeing the world as a magical, fun place through a child’s eye.