Meet Harriet and Rosie, co-founders of Tatty Devine

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Our Tatty Devine launch is today and we’re so excited! The first ever ceramics by statement jewellery brand Tatty Devine, the collection consists of eight mugs and two vases. It is vibrant, standout and so stylish it will turn plenty of heads. We interviewed co-founders Rosie and Harriet to get all the goss about themselves before the ceramics hit the shelves. Here’s what they had to say…


Tell us about yourselves as children… where did you grow up? What did you like?

Harriet grew up in Rochester, Kent and Rosie grew up on the Isle of Wight. We were both brought up on a healthy diet of craft with homemade clothes the norm. Although we both studied Fine Art, we have both always been drawn to the act of making, its inherent tactility and the importance it has within culture.



Did you always know you wanted to be designers? Did you go to university to do something arty?

We both always felt destined for art school and to explore a creative world.


What about now… where do you live, who with and what sort of property?

Harriet lives in a mid-century block by Victoria Park with her daughter and Rosie lives in Stoke Newington with her husband and two sons. Both our flats are full to the brim with stuff as we just love collecting things and we do try to implement a one in/one out rule but it’s just so hard…



What do you each like to do out of work?

We love going to restaurants, seeing bands, visiting galleries and basically making sure we take advantage of everything London has to offer.


Tell us one thing that we didn’t know about each of you that’s pretty interesting…

Harriet is amazing at tracking down oversized ceramic objects and Rosie has a pretty impressive record collection, from Girl Ray to Jim O’Rourke!


If you’ve got any questions for Rosie or Harriet about Tatty Devine, themselves or the new ceramics range with Keith Brymer Jones then let us know 😊

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