Why did MAKE choose Sukie?

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By now you must have read about Sukie (here), the Sukie designers (here) and how the Sukie/MAKE collaborations came about from Sukies point of view (here) however now we’ve got more… We grilled MAKE International’s Head of Design, Keith Brymer Jones, about how he knew Sukie was the next brand to work with…


Where and how did you meet Darrell and Julia?

At a trade show… it was Top Drawer I believe. It was a long time ago now probably around 1995. I’ve known them for years before they got married.


There’s thousands of designers in England – why did you choose them and their rescued paper designs to work with?

Firstly, I loved the story of using rescued paper! Secondly, I liked the aesthetic look of the brand and thought it would be a great new brand for MAKE that is a little bit different and quirky. I could see potential to make a mug range that dovetails really well into the look of all the other Sukie products.


What’s the best thing about working with Darrell and Julia?

Them!! The fact that they have an inner confidence and an unpretentious view of all things design. When you have been designing products as long as they have and you’re good… you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. They just do their thing and I like that.



How did you come up with the mug shape? Did it take a long time?

It took slightly longer than usual to come up with the shape actually. I started by looking at their existing products and the fact that they do travel journals. I based the Sukie mug on the style of mug that you find in diners throughout America. The clay texture and colour along with the glaze finish were inspired by and designed to be in keeping with the earthy, natural aesthetic of the rescued paper in the Sukie journals.


How is the Sukie mug different to the Word Range mug? Technique, glazing, more complex?

The Sukie mugs are fired at a different temperature to the Word Range to achieve the right appearance however perhaps the biggest difference is the clay body itself, these Sukie mugs are stoneware whilst the Word Range is porcelain. This particular stoneware is high in iron content so when a white glaze is applied the iron comes through and gives the mug a warm, organic feel.


If you’ve got any questions for Keith, Darrell or Julia about Sukie, themselves or the new ceramics range then let us know 🙂