How did the Bert & Buoy collaboration come about?

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Now we know about the Bert & Buoy brand (blog here) and the designer Bert Fowler (blog here) however next we were wondering how and why Bert and MAKE’s Head of Design, Keith Brymer Jones, decided to work together? How did Bert know that Keith and MAKE International were right to carry the Bert & Buoy ceramics forward? Let’s find out….


Where and how did you meet Keith? Why did you decide to work together?

The MAKE team arranged for me to go to Keith’s studio in Whitstable for an initial conversation. I entered his studio with glee and trepidation – after all, this was Keith Brymer Jones – ceramics icon and the guy off the telly. He greeted me with a big smile, praise for my designs and bags of ideas for what we might do together. My gut immediately told me that this was the partnership for me; that together we could make a classic Bert & Buoy collection for modern everyday life.


How did you know that he was the one to work with to develop a ceramics range?

I’d tested the market for ceramics previously, and feedback told me that it could be a huge growth area for Bert & Buoy. My designs were unique, one-of-a-kind, but I wasn’t happy with the likes of a bog-standard mug. When I met with Keith, he captured my imagination with this brilliant idea to throw an entirely unique shape for Bert & Buoy and to finish it with a distinctive twist.



What’s the best thing about working with Keith?

His unrivalled talent in ceramics. His motivation and commitment to make this happen. His belief in me as a designer and the vision for the Bert & Buoy brand. The way he calls everyone “lovie” – ha!


What’s the worst thing about working with Keith?

Well he hasn’t cried about any of my designs yet… is that like the ultimate put down or what?! Will I ever break him?!? Ha!


If you’ve got any questions for Bert about Bert & Buoy, himself or the new ceramics range then let us know 🙂