8 reasons why we love Spring!

No Comments | April 11,2018 | by Site Administrator

Flowers and greenery everywhere

We’re not too sad to say goodbye to bare branches and bland flowerbeds as we can welcome in plenty of fresh new greenery and little pops of bright floral colour. Starting with the daffodils, you can’t miss those, all the flowers will come one by one to brighten up our lives!


No more freezing temperatures

The sun shines more in spring but it’s not the heat of the summer – the temperature is perfect 😊 No more frosts, it’s all looking up for here so enjoy it.


The wildlife returns

Hedgehogs, bats, mice, bees, frogs… many animals are waking up from their hibernation and there’s plenty more singing from the birds. The warmer weather means that we see more animals out and about and it’s great to see.


Feel good Spring vibes

With the sunshine back and warmer weather, it’s almost impossible not to be in a good mood. It’s no coincidence that the first day of spring is also the International Day of Happiness.


Spring clothing

Fold up the dark jeans and chunky knitwear and pop them away. Spring requires lighter clothes in lighter colours… I bet you’d forgotten about that floral skirt or sand trousers hiding away in the back there!


Getting outdoors

It’s not chilly and dark anymore so we can all get outside and participate in many activities… hiking, running, cycling, picnicing or you could just sit in the park and watch the world go by and appreciating the spring time.


Spring cleaning

Usually cleaning isn’t the best for most people however when it’s spring cleaning… it’s almost like cleansing your mind and spirit too. It’s refreshing and renewing going through your belongings and deciding what to keep and what to donate to charity.


Longer days

No more getting up in the dark and arriving home after work in the dark too. Curtains will need to be opened now and there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy the lighter, brighter and warmer evenings.