5 Easy-Peasy Halloween Costume Ideas

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With one hundred and ten things on the to-do list, we all forget at least one thing… like that halloween costume to go trick or treating. To make your life easier, we’ve put together a short list of super-easy, last-minute, homemade Halloween costumes that (hopefully) will get you trick or treating in style and back home, with a mug of something wet & warm, in no time.

These 5 Homemade Halloween costumes will allow you to spend quality time with your little ones in a fun and frightening way. Or it could be an opportunity for them to get in touch with their imagination whilst you sit back and watch.

1: The Mummy

A timeless classic will always be the Mummy Costume. All you will need is some dark brown or black eyeshadow a bit of tape to hold it in place and LOTS of toilet roll. (or bandages, whichever you prefer)

used under creative commons. Photo by amyelizabethplease, mummification from https://www.flickr.com/photos/amyelizabethplease/

2: The Two T-Shirt Skeleton

A spooky skeleton costume wont cost you a tenner in Tesco. For this you’re going to need an old black top or t-shirt, a white t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Mark out some ribs like image above and start cutting (top tip – draw it out first, coloured pencil shows up on the black well enough to act as a guide). Once you’ve cut out the “bones”, Pop the black t-shirt over the white one for extra contrast and presto! A ghoulishly good skeleton t-shirt. You can try flipping it round and having holes in white T over the black.

3: The Lego Brick Beast

Grab a cardboard box-one big enough to fit your little person in, and cut out a head, arms and body hole. Ideally use a hot-glue gun but PVA or even tape will do to stick six paper cups, the tins off a packet of mince pies, jar lids or anything that’s circular to the front of the box, then paint the whole thing your preferred colour. Tissue paper and watered down PVA works quite well too and helps hold the cups in place. Ta-Daa! A Lego masterpiece.


4. The Demon of Daddy’s Jumper

Dad’s old baggy sweater and 2 ping pong balls (or similar for the eyes) will be all you need.

You can also use white discs of paper or card with a black dot for pupils or (as seen in the photo) electric tea-lights for an extra spooky effect. Simply glue/stick on 2 “eyes” to the back of the sweater just below the neck, draw a black circle on each. Double sided sticky pads will just-about hold without causing damage  sweater, but carry some spare in case they fall-off.  Once your little one has this on, pull it back over their head so they can still see through the neck hole, and there you have it. The electric tea lights work really well for truly terrifying monster!!!

5. The Classic Ghost

So simple it barely needs instructions to create the classic Ghoulish Ghost.

Simply cut out some eye holes from an old white sheet and pop-it over your head. For extra effect, draw a distorted ghostly mouth with a black felt tip and wear a hat underneath to make your head bigger – It’s an idea to put it over your head/hat before cutting the holes to make sure they are in the right position. A proper Scooby-dooby-do style ghost.

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Image Credits

Photo of sheet ghost by Kylie_Jaxxon used under Creative Commons.
Photo of Mummy by AmyElizabethPlease used under Creative Commons
Photo of Lego Brick Costume from School of Scrap

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