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Press on the Great Pottery Throw Down!

04 November 2015 12:00

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The Telegraph, November 12th 2015

"The unpredictability makes it oddly riveting. Little wonder one of the judges burst into tears on the first show when a nervous contestant’s creation turned out surprisingly well".

Housewares Live, November 11th 2015

Keith Brymer Jones from BBC Two's ‘Great Pottery Throw Down’ will be at Steamer Trading Cookshop’s Bluewater store next Wednesday (November 18) from 12-3pm.

The Guardian, November 11th 2015

"GPTD judge Keith Brymer-Jones is apparently going to well up at least once an episode. If your pot doesn’t make him cry, then you simply aren’t trying hard enough".

Daily Mail, November 11th 2015

"The episode, which saw contestants taking on challenges including making tall pots while blindfolded, continued in the same vein as the opening show, with plenty of smirk-inducing sections".

Stoke Sentinel, November 10th 2015

"I can't believe I made Keith cry," wowed an astonished Tom. I can".

OK! Magazine, November 10th 2015

"The Great Pottery Throw Down's James sends fans into a frenzy".

Yahoo! News, November 10th 2015

"50 shades of clay".

The National, November 10th 2015

"Some of the finished items tonight are so beautiful that they reduce the male judge, Keith Brymer Jones, to tears".

The Daily Mail, November 9th 2015

"What The Great British Bake Off has done for mille-feuille and sales of jam thermometers, The Pottery Throw Down (why not Great British Pot Off?) promises to do for potter’s wheels, kilns and wipe-clean aprons".

The Guardian, November 4th 2015

"Beautiful and mesmerising - I could watch pot throwing all day"

The Independent, November 4th 2015

"Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have truly met their match in ceramic artist Kate Malone and master potter Keith Brymer Jones."

The Telegraph, November 4th 2015

"Brymer Jones allowed his artistic temperament to bubble to the surface and come over all weepy at underconfident Joanna’s nicely finished bowls... it was the sort of endearing spontaneity that can lodge in viewers’ hearts and minds and create a connection."

The Daily Mail, November 3rd 2015

An introduction to the contestants.

The Independent, November 3rd 2015

"You don’t need to add puns in if you’re discussing making pottery."

Radio Times, November 3rd 2015.

There were times when they'd collect their piece at the kiln and it had been a complete disaster."

The Express, November 4th 2015

"The BBC's latest quaint take on reality television is gaining popularity for its alarming innuendos."

The Evening Standard, November 2nd 2015

What can we expect? Well, it will be messier for a start. Bake Off might be the domain of sticky dough, but it’s got nothing on wet clay."

The Metro, November 3rd 2015


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